How to Style our Danglers

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We think a lot about what makes our brand unique. Yes of course we pride ourselves in catering to smaller spaces. But the other thing is that we love to offer products that could be styled in a host of ways. Nowhere could this be truer than with our Danglers, and the fact that we had trouble putting them in a particular product category makes this so very clear.

These are available in both 6 foot and 3 foot long versions. The longer ones are the ideal length for doorways or French windows. The shorter ones are ideal for smaller windows or walls. They come in 2 colours - rose gold and gold - and 3 designs - Celestial, Arrow & Birdsfoot and Raindrop. The Raindrop design is ideal for doorways as it has no sharp edges which could be problematic otherwise.


Find an empty wall space and create your own formation with our new Minis shown below.

Alternatively you could use them horizontally. For this you will need an extra hook which is also available.

If you want an even longer than 6 feet dangler or to combine various designs, each dangler is also equipped with an extra hole at the bottom through which you could hook on an additional dangler and increase the length.

A little breeze and these produce a lovely windchimey sound along with their usual twinkling in the light. So be ready to welcome some tinkling and twinkling!

See our danglers styled by real users in real-life environments below.









(Note in the above how the customer has shortened the danglers to suit her particular requirement.)

And now some digital environments...


DIY - Make a Mobile

Here's a really easy off-the-cuff DIY we tried out using the round frame of one of our hanging planters and the danglers. You can tie a piece of rope or string around each hook to keep it in its place on the frame so that it's evenly distributed and balanced.



Other Styling Ideas

Below we've demonstrated some other styling ideas. (Disclaimer: Products shown below are similar to ours but are not the same.)

How about hanging these horizontally as torans or streamers as shown in the examples below? An extra matching hook or two comes in handy here:



You don't need to put them all at one height. Try using and up-down formation. Alternate with fairy lights for added magic.


Frame a window:



Or just go random...




1) Avoid using designs with sharp edges in doorways or in kids' rooms.

2) These look great in multiples and we're not just trying to sell you more!

3) Don't worry too much about mixing gold and rose gold. They look great together.

4) We really love them on white backgrounds, but put them on a coloured background and va va voom! The metallic effect becomes much more visible.

5) Avoid hanging them flat on backgrounds that are too busy. The danglers may get lost.

6) Keep some handy for easy and inexpensive gifts to give friends. We promise they'll love them!

Buy your danglers below and tag us on social media with your styling ideas.



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