Seven Reasons to Choose Custom Design Furniture

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Perhaps some of the benefits of custom design furniture are clear enough to everyone – what could be better than to get exactly what you want? But here are some other reasons why custom design just makes sense.

[Many of our designs are shown in non-studio settings, not only to respect our customers' privacy but also to indicate that the images are originally ours and not plucked off the Internet.]

1. It’s Custom!

Let’s start with the most obvious. When you commission a custom design piece, you are part of the process from the design to the selection of materials to the final output. It’s an extension of your personality that is showcased in your space. Also there are no unpleasant surprises. If something is not exactly the way you want it, there is always scope for change. 

Small houses (or even small nooks of large houses) do not have the luxury of being able to fit any type of design. Something that is made to fit exactly the space you have is likely to actually save you money and stress in the long run.

You can get as involved in the design process as you like - however the result will always reflect a bit of your life. 

The client wanted a modern but luxurious sectional sofa that would fit her space perfectly and would complement other special pieces like that blue side table and rug. The plush blue is an unexpected choice that is eye-catching but classic. 

2. Indulge in the New Before Anyone Else

Readymade furniture is always produced keeping in mind popular tastes. Sofas are mostly in beige and grey because those hues are considered practical and the only options that match everyone’s décor. Coffee tables are mostly available in designs that have already been trending for a while and that you will tire of quickly. There is very little space for things that are unique and made for your particular lifestyle simply because innovations in furniture take longer to manifest themselves in the mass market as the cost of each item is high. Only the tried (and tired) and tested prevail. 

Our Gradient Sofa can be made in a host of lengths and colours.
Stylish, high quality bookshelves and consoles are some of the harder items to find in the readymade market.

3. Get Expert Advice and Expert Craftsmanship

Maybe you feel that your friendly neighbourhood carpenters can make you that dream table for your kitchen or that rocking chair you’ve always wanted. And perhaps they can. But some designs take 3-4 different types of expertise, not to mention complex coordination and constant follow-ups. What looks good on Pinterest or Instagram may not be practical in your climate or your specific living situation but don’t lose heart! That’s where our custom furniture designer comes in full of useful advice and ideas.
Luxury is all in the details. You may think dark stripe is just a simple painted panel but it is actually a separate strip of walnut wood whereas the rest of the chair is made in pine. Also note details such as the carved front legs. 
The bent leg (in white) of our “Bend the Knee” table is made of metal. The rest of the table is made of wood.
This deceptively simple looking rocking chair is made of teak with metal angles inside for balance. The client’s brief was for a chair in which she could comfortably fold her legs and read for long periods of time. The stripes were devised as per the customer's colour choices and individually stitched in bands. It required the teamwork of carpenters, a metal workshop and an expert tailor to make it a reality that the client will always cherish. 

4. Not as Expensive or Time Consuming as you may imagine

You may think custom design takes time but consider the last time you bought furniture from your favourite online retailer. It took weeks to reach you, and if something was not to your liking, there was endless stress and anxiety. In the same amount of time, or less, you can get exactly what you want in custom design without having to follow up with  customer service.
Similarly, as far as expense is concerned, we have access to the most talented craftspeople and the best sourcing locations for you to get top notch quality for your buck and entirely remove the risks of costly mistakes and over-priced materials and labour. 
This no-fuss armchair design is made to stand out using eye-catching colours. Combined with the contrasting area rug, the space transforms into an interesting and elegant nook.  

5. It makes a great Personalised Gift

There’s nothing like giving a personalised custom gift to someone near and dear that they can use in their home. Small furniture items like centre tables or end tables make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Their daily usability will remind the receiver of you everyday.

A custom screen-printed table designed as a gift for newlyweds

6. Brand New Vintage

The problem with original vintage furniture? It’s old! Vintage furniture can get worn out and look shabby at the very least and the best quality restored furniture is hard to find, not to mention expensive. Our craftsmen know how to get the best of quality and classic design without looking old-fashioned.


Our specialty is chairs which are the surest way to add a vintage vibe to a room.
Custom-made side tables to fit a particular area and requirement. The peg tables had to match the vintage warmth of the living room.
Bedside tables designed for optimal storage. Real vintage furniture sometimes isn't practical for modern day homes as it was made for a time when homes were larger and multi-functionality was not an expectation.

7. Better Value in Long Run

Yes custom design can be an investment but the definition of an investment is that it gives you back. If you have a treasured old chair or precious clock that once belonged to your grandparents, you must know the value of an heirloom. Have you thought of what legacy you are leaving behind? 

The vintage design, carved wood and plush royal blue of this armchair make it a formal affair. But add the foot stool and thoughtful details like the elbow cushions on the arms and it becomes super comfortable too. The last image is a variation of the same design with a light coloured fabric. 
Bring back your grandparents' plantation chairs. Natural cane and teak wood - a classic combination. 

But even if your way of life doesn't make it practical to hold on to something forever, remember that your beautiful custom-made chairs or coffee table are made of top quality to withstand the ravages of time and, consequently, will always have resale value as opposed to fragile throwaway furniture. What will make them even more desirable is that they cannot be found anywhere else. What better way to respect the environment as well!

Why 1 BHK Interiors?

We take our clean, colourful and quirky aesthetic directly to clients who want things that are super special and turn to us to elevate their spaces.

Fuelled solely by discreet word-of-mouth, we have serviced individual client homes as well as corporate orders for hotels and offices for over a decade. But here’s why anyone can and should avail of our services.

Experiment with Something Different 

Are you afraid of bold colours? We’re not!  Sure we've done our share of minimal white and beige sofas, but we don’t hesitate to recommend and give an educated opinion on why that bottle green or deep burgundy or vibrant print might work better for you instead.  

Not your usual sofas
Colourful items are sure to be conversation pieces.


Upholstery is a great way to innovate. Our talented craftspeople use novel upholstery techniques that add a twist of something special to the most minimal designs. Individually stitched bands of plush velvet elevate these otherwise simple but elegant designs. 

Collaborative and Personalised Service

We don't just mean zoom calls. Our Consultant often accompanies clients for fabric shopping and can visit the site multiple times if required.  

Our consultant uses her considerable experience to help the client envision how it will look in her space. The silvery grey fabric on this sofa is a colour that goes with everything yet stands out.
Stripes are a classic but fun way to jazz up a room.
Even if you choose a simple fabric, we can advise little details that make your piece feel super special. Teak wood chairs with custom-made brass
Embroidery lends a beautiful richness to this velvet and wood frame chair.
Brass hardware and ribbed woodwork add luxurious details taking this vintage look side table to a whole new level.

Moreover, as this is a collaborative effort, we share images with the client during the entire production process so that any changes can be made if required.

Straight-from-the-workshop images of furniture in different stages of production.

Pare Down and Focus

With all the variety out there, you may be tempted to cram a host of styles into a small space. We can help you visualise what you really need for your home and what will stand the test of time. This saves you money and maintenance besides avoiding clutter. 

Some people mistake luxurious design with a ton of embellishment and detailing. But we know that the simplest designs, without distracting details, actually take the most skillful craftsmanship as there is no disguise for error.  

A super minimal desk designed for a “Japandi” inspired home. Japandi is a fusion of two styles - Japanese and Scandinavian - both known for their minimalism and use of organic materials such as wood. 
A client wanted a super simple high quality settee for his minimal all-white home.

We are Great at Conversation Pieces

Every house needs a statement piece. Sculptural tables, although smaller than most pieces of furniture, can be the focal point of a room.

Our Semi-Custom Service

If you don’t want to start from scratch, we can present you with a catalogue of designs that we have crafted before but which we think will look perfect for your home, but will still allow you to add your personality in the details. We can also show you a digital representation of the final output. 

Our Ba-Na-Na Sofa can be made in virtually any colour combination you can dream of. 

Retail and Sourcing

We also have our own retail brand that caters to garden furniture and small home accessories such as tableware, garden accessories, ceramics and lamps. For larger home decor items like floor lamps, art, wall installations, rugs and more, we have an extensive network of suppliers from whom we are able to source those hard-to-find just-right items.


Our Psychedelic Range of Garden Furniture can be made in different colour combinations 

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