1 BHK - Functional art for small homes and all homes

Quirky designed pieces that we call functional art. Exceptional quality at prices that are affordable for everyone. That's

1 BHK. 



Almost 15 years after Sulaxmi Laud and Anjali Malhotra worked together at MTV Networks, they decided to get together to combine Sulaxmi's love for one-of-a-kind furniture and décor accessories and Anjali's love for online retail - not to mention their combined obsession with gorgeous things! The result: a rebirth of the 1 BHK brand, known best for its erstwhile store located at Lower Parel, Mumbai. 1 BHK creates "functional art" – a fancy term for stuff that is art but also works as a handy place for you to place your coffee mug because why should art always be precious? The constantly evolving range is full of fun pieces in cool colours, and features collaborations with the most exciting upcoming designers and artists. Whether you're decorating for a cosy studio apartment or a mansion (lucky YOU!), these eclectic but hardworking pieces will look right at home and are now available on this site as well as a variety of marketplaces.

As the name suggests, the focus is on space-savers (such as a hot-selling range of hanging metal planters) and multi-functional pieces (like a coffee table that is also a bookshelf) while never compromising on design and quality.  Clean silhouettes in colourful or glamorous finishes are the hallmark of the brand which can be seen in their popular and instantly recognisable "Psychedelic" line of garden furniture and the diffusion line of sofas One by 1 BHK range of sofas.  

1 BHK also creates custom furniture for those who want to fulfill their deepest furniture fantasies. The team has worked with several businesses and individual customers to create perfect one-of-a-kind pieces for their spaces and also takes up interior design projects for homes and office spaces. 

 Watch out for pieces in our new diffusion line One by 1 BHK - full of the whimsy of the 1 BHK brand for prices that are a real steal.