How to use our Wall Mounted Planters

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Wall Mounted Planters

Build your own urban gardens with our colourful range of metal wall planters. New users get 10% off with code 1STBHK and everyone gets 15% off on purchases over Rs. 2000 with code 15OFF2000

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Tips to use:

1)  We recommend attaching to the wall using one or two tightly hammered nails (as per holes that have been provided). This prevents the planter from tilting forward when hung. 

2) Do not put soil and plants in the wall planters directly. Insert the plants within pots. Usually plants from nurseries come with their own pots, but you could also recycle plastic containers used by restaurants for doggie bags or takeaways. You can use more than one pot if the plants are small or if you like a fuller look.

3) Pots should always have holes in them for water drainage so be sure to punch one into your pot if it doesn't have one. One or two small holes will suffice. 

4) Avoid using plants that require a great deal of watering. Many indoor plants fulfill that criterion.
5) Avoid direct sunlight or rain. Ideal for indoor use.
6) Wipe with damp cloth to clean.
7) Get creative and use them as bird feeders, for letters, books or magazines too!


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