There is an enormous amount of damage that comes along with manufacturing, shipping and storing fragile items. The smallest imperfection makes an item unsaleable. Enter our Seconds initiative. Here's how it works. We offer items that have a small imperfection for a lower price. Via our consumer touch points (Whatsapp, Instagram, FB Messenger, email etc), we show customers the exact item they will receive along with the imperfection and quote a price accordingly. If we have a deal, the customer sends their shipping details and gets a payment link. Once the payment is completed, the product is shipped out. 

Minimum savings would be 20% off the usual rate. Keep in mind that several of our products are bulky and fragile so we still pay the usual shipping rates and cannot discount as much as we would normally like. 

We have already started working with customers especially when they want items that are otherwise out of stock. Please contact us if you see an item that you like and would like to know if there are Seconds options available. This is a time consuming process at a time when we are short of staff so bear with us if we take some time to track down your item.

Through Seconds, we waste less and customers get a good deal. Win-win. We are working on getting the Seconds initiative running at our studio in Mumbai once we are able to open to the general public post Lockdown.