Pen Stands

Pen Stands are fun accessories that can at the same time help organise your desk by holding a ton of essentials.  This Pen Stand collection from 1 BHK Interiors is an impressive ensemble of accessories that comprises high quality holders set to become a part of your home or office space. Offering priceless convenience within every budget, the collection has pieces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Each is moulded from high quality materials, and shaped into a unique format and updated with brilliant polish. The sleek presentations of this range will fit into any kind of decor and take inspiration from modern, trendy fashion sensibilities with finishes such as chrome, gold, rose gold, brushed chrome, and more. 

Within this collection, your stationery is safe and well-organised, with solid construction making them ideal partners to modern furniture as well as complementing our other decor items. Abounding with class and style, the merchandise reflects the creator’s ingenuity with touches of both the classic and modern.  Brimming with fine craftsmanship, every meticulously crafted piece in the range gives you a fine fixture worth taking home, each set to grace any kind of setting, along with unmatched performance to benefit the user.