Gorgeous Hanging Planters To Beautify Your Home

Planters have come a long way from the gamlas you bought in bulk just to hold your plants. They have transformed into great decoratives that have become an important aspect of both interior and exterior decor, preferred by designers and homeowners alike. There is such a wide variety of designs that no two planters are made alike. Today we're talking about hanging models which provide you a novel way of bringing the outdoors into your home without talking any space, whether you have a spacious villa or a tiny apartment. Besides improving the style of your home or garden, hanging planters can also be used for creating the illusion of a heightened roof or ceiling, lending an airy, open feeling. 

If you think planters are the last thing that need a designer overhaul then you seem to be missing some of the best ideas that have recently evolved in design from Mumbai-based online retailer 1 BHK Interiors. Taking inspiration from current and future needs such as space, convenience, economy and light, our designs have taken revolutionary shape and are likely to set the tone for planter design in the years to come. Besides adding colour and charm to a space, our planters come in a plethora of design choices. 

1 BHK Interiors brings you high quality hanging plant holders in a host of shapes and sizes. Our designs are minimalist and modern with the use of smooth angles and bold linear elements that add an elegant contemporary twist to an otherwise simple planter. So, if you don't have that space beside the window sill, or are missing a balcony, sweat not, our metal hanging planters are just what you need for a smaller space. Thoughtfully designed and handmade to perfection, each one is moulded in an innovative manner that is equally delicate and sturdy. 

Take a look at the "Watermelon" Metal Candle Holder / Hanging Planter in Gold Finish. Ideal for a plant/pot up to 3 inches in diameter and 4 inches in height, there are dozens of ways to make this hanging planter fit in, especially when space is at a premium. We like it best with a creeper as shown. But you can also make it work with a candle or a cactus!  
Watermelon Hanging Planter - styled three ways
Pumpkin and Watermelon Hanging Cage Planter Frames




The Pumpkin planter complements the Watermelon perfectly. How about hanging a plant in one and a candle in the other for variation?



If you are not remodelling your entire home, simply adding the Big Round Metal Hanging Planter in Gold Finish can enhance the aesthetics of the room, giving it an inspired look. Thoughtfully designed and handmade to perfection, it is moulded into a perfect circle that's delicate and sturdy at the same time. If you like the geometric look, pair it with the Diamond Planter.

Styling tip: Place them at different levels to create interest.

Geometric designs - Diamond and Round Hanging Planter

Our metallic hangers are ideal for compact spaces as they use the wall or ceiling allowing you to use the space below and also keep the style neat.

Moroccan Hanging Planter holding marigolds
The Moroccan Hanging Metal Planter comes with an attractive finish that adds a brilliance to the design and lends a bohemian mood to the entire space. Complemented by an integrated plant bowl, this metallic hanging planter is a must have for any green lover. All our planters can also be used for flowers, as shown with our Moroccan planter here.  
You don't have to hang these on a ceiling. We love putting these on curtain rods or you could even hang from a wall with the help of a.bracket. Use your own creativity in what you use them to hang them. If you're looking for a clean, look, use tangoos which is strong, invisible and easily available online or at a hardware store. If you choose to go rustic, try jute rope.  
Diamond Hanging Planter on Wall Bracket


nDesign Iron Golden Antique Wall Bracket for Bird Feeders and Houses Planters We spotted this bracket design on Amazon but there are a plethora of designs available in the market. before you buy, just check the planter dimensions carefully so that there is enough space between the wall and the planter for the planter to hang freely.

But the best thing about these planters is that you can can hang them one under the other in virtually infinite combinations.

Hanging Planters in Curtain Formation

Styling tip: Try hooking other ornaments or lights on them.                  

                          Big round planter with hanging ornament  
Hanging Planters at night with fairy lights

If you've chosen to become an urban gardener, you already recognise your role in protecting the environment, so why not extend that to your planters as well? At 1 BHK Interiors, we stay true to our commitment to the environment by using sustainable materials. Our metallic hanging planters are all this and more - creative as well as luxurious presentations, ideally suited as cache pots. Instantly warming up lifeless spaces are these warm and rustic sets of products that appeal to both, the modern and the traditional designer. These can easily tolerate heavy use and can match with any décor requirement. Whether you’re looking for a simple design or a geometric pattern with intricate details, we have something for you. 

Spiral hanging planter Small round hanging planter Heart hanging planter

Looking for high quality, solid metal planters online, which are a true mix of style and functionality? You're at the right place. Not only do we assure you the prettiest designs and an extensive variety, but also quality and that too at great prices with free shipping and a COD option available. Order today!


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